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How to Set Your AC Thermostat While You are Away

Tips from Your Home Comfort Specialists in Easton, PA 

Heading out for a long-awaited family vacation, a camping trip, weekend in a cabin by the lake, business travel? Is your home going to remain unoccupied during that time? No matter what the reason, and how long you are away, returning to your personal haven will always give you the comfort that no other place can. However, you also want your space to feel physically comfortable; neither too warm, nor too cool. The right thermostat setting will not only help you relax, unwind and recover from your travels, but also lead to significant savings in your energy bills.

The experts at Comfort Solutions HVAC offer tips and suggestions on how to set your AC while traveling. 

Thermostat Tips to Save Money and Energy

In the summer time, before you head out for your travels, set your thermostat to approximately 4 degrees warmer than what you normally set it at. For example, if you like your home temperature to be around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, set the thermostat to 76 degrees Fahrenheit for the time that you are away. Too much variation will not only make the space too warm for comfort when you return, but it could also lead to high energy bills, when you attempt to bring your home back to its cool, comfortable setting. Moreover, your air conditioning (AC) system regulates the humidity in your home. If you completely shut off the AC, or vary the temperature too much, excess humidity could cause problems, such as mold or mildew growth, musty odor, peeling paint and spoilt food.

One of the easiest ways to manage temperature control while you are away from home, is to use smart, programmable thermostats, instead of manual ones. In these technologically-advanced devices, you can: 

  • Control the temperature settings for your home from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet connectivity or Wi-Fi.
  • Program the ‘start’ or ‘shut-off’ timings of your air conditioning or cooling systems, as and when required.
  • Ensure that the temperature sets back to normal, before you return from your travel.
  • If you have linked your thermostat with other smart appliances, security systems, or automatic lights in your home, you can easily control the settings of all the integrated applications.

The US Department of Energy offers several money-saving, energy conservation tips, especially when you are away from home. You can also check out some other useful ways to keep your home cool, without turning up the AC significantly.

At Comfort Solutions HVAC, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art thermostats that can help you maximize energy consumption, save on energy bills, and expand your green footprint. Our skilled and experienced technicians keep track of the latest in air conditioning technology, and are well-versed with all types of traditional and modern cooling solutions. We specialize in installation, maintenance and repairs, and also offer 24X7 emergency support to address glitches in your air conditioning system.

Need to schedule a routine AC tune-up or maintenance service? Exploring smart thermostats to replace your current, manual version? Speak to the experts at Comfort Solutions HVAC. Call 610-438-9300, or contact us online

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