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Emergency Service

At Comfort Solutions HVAC, we commonly hear complaints about air conditioners breaking down in the height of summer. It often happens on a weekend, when the entire family is home, wanting to relax in a cool, comfortable space. That is why we offer after-hours emergency repairs for the city of Easton and surrounding areas.

When your air conditioner breaks, whether it is the hottest night of the year or right before your birthday bash, Comfort Solutions HVAC can help.

Emergency Service & Repairs, call 610-438-9300.

What Qualifies for an Emergency Repair?

Any time your air conditioner is not operating as it should, you must contact a local HVAC specialist. Some instances where it could be urgent or an emergency service include:

  • An air conditioner that is not providing cold air
  • Inexplicably high energy bills
  • Sudden odd or loud noises coming from the outdoor unit
  • Signs of refrigerant leaks on the outside of the air conditioner
  • An air conditioner that will not turn on or off

When your cooling system repairs cannot wait, let Comfort Solutions HVAC help. There is no reason to suffer in the sweltering heat or worry about your small children and seniors being uncomfortable at home. Instead, our technicians are here to help your home get back to being comfortable.

Why Choose Comfort Solutions HVAC for Emergency Repairs?

Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We know that air conditioner repairs are inconvenient, and no one should have a hot, humid home while they wait for Monday and business hours to resume. While there are other emergency handymen out there, Comfort Solutions HVAC is your go-to provider:

  • Skilled HVAC Technicians: We always have an experienced HVAC technician on call for emergency service and diagnostics. All our technicians are trained, certified, and insured for extra peace of mind.
  • HVAC and Furnace Emergency Services: Whether you need an air conditioner repair or broken furnace to be fixed, our team offers efficient emergency repairs and services for all makes and models of HVAC units.
  • Preserve Your Warranty: When you call a licensed professional to fix the problem with your AC or furnace, you protect the warranty on your system. Furthermore, if you have a warranty, your emergency repair job might even be covered.

Choose Comfort Solutions HVAC for Your PA Emergency Repairs

No matter what symptoms your air conditioner or furnace exhibits, let our team come out, diagnose, and repair your unit. We work quickly, and our inventory often has the parts needed to do a same-day emergency repair.

When you need emergency air conditioner repairs, and you need them lightning fast, trust in Comfort Solutions HVAC to get the job done.

Schedule your appointment for emergency repairs with Comfort Solutions HVAC at 610-438-9300 for more information.