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AC Maintenance

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Repair Costs

Your home’s air conditioner is an essential component of your modern life and your home’s comfort. While your system might not show any signs of distress today, when you do not properly maintain your air conditioner, you are more likely to encounter breakdowns, repairs, and potentially void your manufacturer warranty.

All it takes is a quick phone call to a local HVAC expert in Easton, PA to keep your air conditioning unit in great shape year-round. If you think about it, you would not drive your car for 100,000 miles without an oil change, so why expect your air conditioner to run 10 years without any service?

Contact Comfort Solutions HVAC to book your annual air conditioner maintenance today.

Efficient, Expert Air Conditioner Maintenance in PA

Proper maintenance by a qualified HVAC technician is one of the best steps toward reducing future issues with your air conditioner, and the best way to maximize your investment. At Comfort Solutions HVAC, each of our technicians is trained and NATE certified, so you can rest assured they are more than qualified to help you maintain your unit.

All of our maintenance services follow manufacturer and Energy Star recommendations to ensure optimum performance. When you have your air conditioner maintained annually, you can take advantage of:

  • Lower Cooling Costs – Lower your cooling bills this summer by maximizing the efficiency of your air conditioner. Air conditioners inevitably see a buildup of dust and debris, which makes your unit work harder and consume more energy as a result. With a professional cleaning and tune-up, the grime is removed so that your unit works as efficiently as it should.
  • Extended Equipment Life – Even though your unit should last 10 to 15 years, it will not do so if you never maintain it. Ignoring routine maintenance dramatically decreases the lifespan of an air conditioner.
  • Improved Air Quality – When your air conditioner is cleaned, maintained, and ready for use, the air quality inside your home improves too.
  • Preserving Your Warranty – If you want to take advantage of the manufacturer warranty for free repairs and replacements, you are almost always required to ensure that annual maintenance is done by a trained and certified HVAC technician.

In addition to maintenance, we also offer air conditioner repairs, installations, and replacements for Easton area residents. If your air conditioner is not operating as it should, contact the team at Comfort Solutions HVAC for a diagnostic appointment.

Schedule Your AC Maintenance in PA Today!

To avoid high cooling costs this summer and to keep your air conditioner in like-new shape, contact the team of expert technicians at Comfort Solutions HVAC today. We can help you with all your AC maintenance, tune-up, and repair needs.

Request a maintenance appointment or an in-home repair estimate today. Call Comfort Solutions HVAC at 610-438-9300 for more information.