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Service Agreement


  • 15% Discount on all non-serialized repairs
  • Priority service to go to the front of the line. You will receive regular service before non-USA Customers.
  • Agreement members service calls and emergency calls are only $29, and the $109 diagnostic fee is waived with the performed repair.
  • The complete heating and air conditioning systems monthly cost is $18.99 for the first system and $13.99 per additional systems in the home.
  • Air conditioning only systems are $16.99 a month and $11.99 per additional system in the home.
  • 2 year parts & labor warranty on repairs while covered(excludes drain cleanings & refrigerant). Normally 90 day part & labor.
  • Annual maintenance. We will perform annual tune-ups and safety inspections on each covered system (e.g. one heating system tune-up and one cooling system tune-up).
  • Agreement is for a one year term, billed monthly and renews automatically at terms end.
  • Service Agreement price is locked in for 10 Years from original purchase date.


  • Homeowner can cancel at any time with a 30 day written notice.
  • If discounts given under agreement are greater than monthly collected fees and the agreement is terminated within one year of enrollment, the difference will be charged to customer upon cancellation.
  • Coverage is billed in advance and remains active if payments are applied as scheduled. In the event of a missed payment, benefits stop and continue once payments are brought current. If no payments are made, coverage will stop 30 days after last payment. This agreement as not valid on oil, hydronic or mini-split systems.
  • Agreement must be active with no lapse of coverage to receive extended part and labor coverage
  • After hours NO-HEAT or NO-COOLING calls till 10pm, after 10pm you will be called first thing in the morning for service.