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Whole House Humidifiers

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Whole house humidifiers can completely change the comfort of your living space. Many people are familiar with the advantages of single, portable humidifier units that can be used in specific rooms or areas of your home. Whole house humidifiers provide the benefits of comfort and health, and can help to preserve the interior finishes throughout your entire space. Plus, they can improve the efficiency of your comfort control system since areas feel warmer with the right level of moisture in the air. Without increasing the temperature, you will enjoy the same feeling of a warm or cool temperate living space.

Whole house humidifiers can seem like a daunting and extensive installation task, but the process is more straightforward than you might think. When working with certified and experienced HVAC contractors, you can easily get this efficient and affordable addition to your home’s climate control system.

  • At the Source – Rather than providing targeted moisture to select areas of your home with a unit that needs to be refilled and transported throughout the space, a whole house humidifier is installed at the source. The system gets installed directly in your duct work, so minimal upkeep is required and you end up with air that is as humid or dry as you want it to be, before it gets circulated throughout every floor and room of your home.
  • Easy Installation – The advantage with whole house humidifiers is that they can be retrofitted to your existing heating and cooling system. They make a great addition to your home’s comfort and provide new options and settings that can improve the atmosphere of your space, health of your family, and longevity of your heater and AC units.

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If you are fed up with dry air in your living space and are interested in exploring your options for a more comfortable home with complete control, consider a whole house humidifier. The team at Custom Solutions HVAC can walk you through the best options for your space and provide experienced, reliable services to get your system running. We are dedicated to residential comfort control and can help with everything from furnace maintenance to AC installation and air quality assessments. Talk to us to learn more about how we can make your home a more enjoyable, safe, and consistently comfortable environment for you and your family.

Work with local HVAC professionals for your whole house humidifier installation or maintenance service repairs. Schedule your initial consultation online or get in touch for a free estimate. Call Comfort Solutions HVAC today at 610-438-9300.