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Why Annual Furnace Tune-ups are an Essential Part of Home Maintenance

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Important Advice from Your Trusted HVAC Technicians

Before we enter the cold weather season, make sure to schedule a furnace tune-up. Even though it may take up some of your time to keep track of every year, a tune-up is essential to ensure the overall health and safety of your furnace. A thorough inspection conducted by a qualified HVAC professional can help you identify potential sources of a breakdown before they turn into costly problems. Additionally, regular furnace tune-ups can also extend the life of your equipment, helping you get the most out of your investment. 

Don’t skip out on your yearly furnace tune-up. The experts at Comfort Solutions HVAC can help you meet the necessary steps required to keep your HVAC system working in peak condition. 

4 Reasons why Yearly Furnace Tune-Ups are Necessary

Here are four reasons why you should make furnace tune-ups an essential part of your home maintenance routine. 

  • Prevent Future Breakdowns: Scheduling a furnace tune-up is one of the easiest ways to prevent future equipment breakdowns. A furnace tune-up will usually include a cleaning, lubrication and inspection to ensure that your connections are correct. A technician will also identify any problems that need to be addressed such as damaged heat exchangers or dim pilot lights. By getting a yearly furnace tune-up, you can give yourself peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about dirty equipment or malfunctioning parts that will cause you to lose heat during the coldest days and nights of the year. 
  • Avoid Carbon Monoxide Leaks: If you’re worried about a potential carbon monoxide leak in your home, a technician can bring any cracked heat exchangers to your attention during a furnace tune-up. Cracked heat exchangers are typically responsible for causing these types of leaks. This component is prone to cracking when the coils are put under an immense amount of stress from working too hard. This can occur if the furnace’s air filters are dirty or your HVAC system is improperly sized. 
  • Reduce Your Energy Bills: Homeowners spend a significant amount of money on heating and cooling every year. Furnace tune-ups are a simple way to reduce these costs without taking up too much time and effort. Since a poorly maintained furnace has to work harder in order to heat up your home,this can put additional strain on your unit and also decrease your furnace’s overall efficiency.Regular tune-ups can improve efficiency and make it much easier for your furnace to heat your home while reducing the impact on your wallet. 
  • Maintain Your Warranty: Most furnace warranties require the system to be installed and maintained by a certified HVAC service company. Scheduling a furnace tune-up every year is an easy way to make sure that you are in compliance with your warranty, while also ensuring that your furnace remains in top condition. Simply keep track of your furnace tune-ups so you have proof of maintenance if you experience any issues that fall under your warranty. 

At Comfort Solutions HVAC, we understand that scheduling a furnace tune-up every year may not be as glamorous as scheduling a holiday with the family, but it is an extremely important step to take in order to keep your system working as efficiently as possible. That’s why we offer furnace maintenance services to ensure your heating equipment operates at its highest performance, cuts down on your monthly expenses and prolongs the lifespan of your unit. Our highly experienced HVAC technicians are specially trained in catching mechanical errors before they become bigger issues and can provide you with long-lasting solutions to keep your home safe and warm all winter.

For fast, reliable and affordable furnace tune-ups, reach out to the experts at Comfort Solutions. Call us at 610-438-9300 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.