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Natural Gas Furnace Conversions

The cold weather season is approaching, and you want to not only make sure your heating system is working properly but efficiently. To do that, you might be considering changing over from oil burning to natural gas.

The best time to do a conversion is before winter when you rely on your furnace to stay warm and comfortable. The team at Comfort Solutions HVAC has skilled technicians ready to convert your unit so that you are using natural gas this winter.

Why Do an Oil to Gas Conversion?

The oil to gas conversion switches your furnace from burning oil for fuel to using natural gas for heating. There are two methods used to do this: fitting your furnace with a conversion burner or converting your heating source. Depending on the age of your unit, it may be more cost efficient to replace the existing furnace with a gas-burning unit.

When you do a conversion, you reap the following benefits:

  • Cheaper Operational Costs – Natural gas might increase over the next few years, but compared to the cost of oil operation, you will find that natural gas is cheaper than oil every time.
  • Efficiency and Lower Maintenance – A significant benefit of converting over to natural gas is your maintenance. You no longer will waste fuel or worry about the same maintenance plans with natural gas, and your efficiency increases tremendously when you stop using oil.
  • Convenience – No more worrying about oil supplies or running through your oil supply in the winter too quickly. Now you have a steady stream of natural gas supplying your home’s furnace.
  • Cleaner Burning – Compared to oil, natural gas is the cleanest of the fossil fuels. It is better for the environment, which makes your home more energy-efficient and “green.”
  • Versatility – By switching to natural gas, you can do more with your home. Now you can upgrade furnaces later without worrying about retrofitting your home’s comfort system, and you need not worry about checking oil levels to make sure your home is going to stay warm.

Get a Free Estimate for Your Oil to Natural Gas Conversion

At Comfort Solutions HVAC, we are here to offer our expertise to customers in the Easton, PA area. Our team can come to your home and give you an estimate on converting your oil-burning furnace over to natural gas today.

Think your furnace is too old? See what it might cost to upgrade to a newer unit that could save you even more in energy costs.

Request your estimate for the oil to natural gas conversion on your existing model or call us at 610-438-9300 to schedule an in-home estimate for your new furnace installation.