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Common Home Heating Problems and Fixes

Useful Tips from Your HVAC Team in Easton, PA Your furnace can stop working for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is a matter of just resetting your circuit breaker, while at other times you need to call in the professionals. Regardless, being aware of the standard heating problems and fixes could give you a jumpstart on where to go next if your furnace stops working. Here are a few of the common heating problems and fixes: Dirty Air Filters: The air filter for your furnace is what helps circulate the air flow within your home. It also keeps your system clean and efficient. Once that is dirty or clogged, your furnace begins to overwork and eventually breaks down. Normal Wear and Tear: Even a well-maintained furnace will eventually[...]

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What is the Ideal Temperature for Room Heating in the Winter?

Money-Saving Tips from the HVAC Team in PA You and the rest of the family in the house might be at war. It is not over what is for dinner or who picks the show for the family night, but instead over the thermostat. No one can seem to agree on the ideal room temperature for winter. Some like it warmer, others want it cooler, and you just want a cheaper bill. If you fight over the right temperature for your heater this winter, you have a few things to consider.  How to decide the proper temperature for heating in the winter: Winter Recommendation by Energy.gov: If you want to know the official ideal temperature, Energy.gov recommends that you set your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit for winter when[...]

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Relighting the Furnace Pilot 

Tips from Your Comfort Team in Easton, PA Inside your gas furnace is a burner, and that burner is ignited by an electronic ignition or standing pilot flame. Newer furnaces rarely use a pilot flame, but if your heater is older or has an efficiency rating of 80 percent or less, you may still have a pilot. When the pilot goes out, the gas burner fails to operate, and it is the primary cause of a gas furnace failing to work. If you choose to relight the pilot yourself, you must do so correctly and cautiously. After all, you are dealing with a flame and working gas. Here are the proper steps you must take to light your pilot: Find Your Pilot Light and Assembly: Your pilot light is[...]

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Start 2018 Right with a Furnace Health Check

Maintenance Tips from Your Comfort Team in Easton, PA The New Year is finally here, and you have your list of resolutions and projects you want to take care of. One crucial to-do that you might have left off your list is your furnace maintenance. After all, the last thing you want for the New Year is a repair bill or a furnace that stops working when temperatures are dropping below freezing. Here is why furnace maintenance matters: You could enjoy fewer repairs in 2018. Most often, a furnace breaks down because of poor maintenance. If you want your heater to last through winter, you need all systems checked to ensure they are ready to go. Unexpected furnace repairs could cost you hundreds. Therefore, doing a check and[...]

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Why is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Insight from the Comfort Specialists in Easton, PA When your gas furnace operates, you might sometimes notice water leaking from the bottom. You may even find that water has penetrated the air filter and leaves it soggy. But, what causes water to leak from a gas furnace, and is it something that you should be concerned about?

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