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When Is It Time To Turn On The Heat?

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The temperatures are starting to drop, and while you might wake up to the morning chill in the air, is it really time to turn on the furnace?

Fall is a confusing season. The mornings are crisp, sometimes full of frost, and the mist of late evening fog. However, by afternoon, the frost has melted and the temperatures are still favorable. Therefore, it might be difficult to decide when is the proper time for using your heater and how much longer you should wait before turning it on.

If you are not sure, here is what we recommend:

  • Healthy Indoor Temperatures: The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined standards for healthy indoor temperatures. WHO recommends a minimum indoor temperature of 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit, but recommends more like 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit if you have children or you are a senior. In October, Pennsylvania averages 55 degrees Fahrenheit outside with highs up to 60 degrees and lows in the high-40’s. Therefore, you may find these temperatures worthy of a heater.
  • Preference: Some people are built to withstand the cold; therefore, they can easily let temperatures inside their home dip below the WHO recommendations. Others feel the cold a lot more and need to keep their home warmer. If you find yourself uncomfortably cold even with extra layers on, it might be time to turn on your furnace. After all, you should not be shivering at home.
  • Nighttime: Many homeowners will kick on the furnace early in the season, such as by mid-October to keep their home comfortable, especially at night. To save on energy costs, try having a bedding set just for winter made of thicker, warmer materials. If you still find yourself cold (or have small children that tend to kick off the covers), turn up the temperature overnight, and then turn it back down during the day. On the other hand, when everyone is asleep and warm in their beds, you can afford to turn down the temperature and increase it again when the household is up and about in the morning.

When you are ready to start using your furnace regularly, contact Comfort Solutions HVAC for a pre-season inspection and tune-up. We will make sure your furnace is ready for the season so that you can start using it whenever the temperatures seem to be cold enough for you.

Request an estimate for your winter tune-up or call us at 610-438-9300 to schedule an appointment.