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When is it Time to Turn On the AC

Tips from Your HVAC Team in Easton, PA

In Pennsylvania, temperatures can often swing from cold to hot in spring. Is May or June too early to seek relief from the heat by turning on your air conditioner? According to the World Health Organization, the ideal indoor temperature is between 18˚C to 22˚C (65 ˚F to 71˚F). Anything below or above this range may require you to use your furnace or AC.  Individual preferences also impact comfort levels inside your home. 

A programmable thermostat offers an energy efficient way to keep your home cool as temperatures fluctuate during the day and at different times of the season. It is better to leave your air conditioner on at a slightly higher setting rather than turn it off when you are away or asleep. The cooler your house remains, the less energy your AC will use trying to play catch up.

Important Steps for Maintaining Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

After the long rest through winter, it is important to make sure your cooling system is ready to take on the summer heat. Here are a few important steps you can take before flipping the switch.

  • Clear any debris from around the outdoor unit before removing the cover.
  • Inspect and clean the coils and fins.
  • Change the air filter inside the house.
  • Set your thermostat to the desired temperature and turn on the cooling unit.
  • Check that the outdoor unit is working, and that air is flowing through the vents.
  • Listen for any unusual sounds that could indicate a malfunction.

An inspection and proper tune up by an HVAC professional before the summer will make sure your AC works optimally when you need it. Higher energy bills are often indicative of a malfunction or that you may need a new cooling system. According to the US Department of Energy, even if your air conditioner is only 10 years old, a newer more efficient model can reduce your cooling costs from 20% to 40%.

The team at Comfort Solutions HVAC can help keep your AC and furnace at peak efficiency. With skilled maintenance and repairs, we can help prevent major breakdowns and avoid future issues. Rest assured, each of our NATE Certified technicians is qualified and committed to helping you save money.

Call us at 610-438-9300 or request an estimate online for your AC maintenance appointment this spring.

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