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Start 2018 Right with a Furnace Health Check

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Maintenance Tips from Your Comfort Team in Easton, PA

The New Year is finally here, and you have your list of resolutions and projects you want to take care of. One crucial to-do that you might have left off your list is your furnace maintenance. After all, the last thing you want for the New Year is a repair bill or a furnace that stops working when temperatures are dropping below freezing.

Here is why furnace maintenance matters:

  • You could enjoy fewer repairs in 2018. Most often, a furnace breaks down because of poor maintenance. If you want your heater to last through winter, you need all systems checked to ensure they are ready to go. Unexpected furnace repairs could cost you hundreds. Therefore, doing a check and correcting minor issues before they become bigger problems is the only way to avoid an unnecessary expense.
  • Improved performance and energy savings. One of the biggest reasons your heating and cooling systems start to cost more is because they have clogged or dirty air filters. Air filters are what ensure the air flows properly. When they are dirty or clogged, warm air cannot go through the system and into your home. Your house is cooler, so you crank up the temperatures, and then you have a higher heating bill. Also, the more effort your system must use to deliver hot air, the faster it is going to wear out.
  • A Failed Furnace Heat Exchanger can produce toxic emissions. A dirty gas furnace is not running at its peak efficiently; therefore, it creates more carbon monoxide (CO), which then may enter your home. CO is highly toxic, but also colorless and odorless; consequently, you do not know if it is inside your home unless you have a CO detector installed. When your furnace is not maintained, carbon soot and debris build up and eventually allows your system to emit it.
  • Inspections can reveal easy repairs. While the technician is already there cleaning and inspecting your system, they may have the components on hand to correct issues like loose ductwork, blower motor bearings that need lubrication, replacing air filters, cleaning condenser coils, and removing dust and debris from inside the system. Also, during the inspection, your technician will look for loose blower belts, the performance of your firing burners, if you have a blocked condenser drain, check for loose wiring, and ensure you have no gas leaks.

Now is the time to save money and have a more energy-efficient, comfortable home for the New Year. Schedule your annual maintenance with the team at Comfort Solutions HVAC. We offer furnace maintenance and repairs right here in Easton, PA.

Call us at 610-438-9300 or request an estimate online for your furnace maintenance and repairs.