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Proper Installation is the Key to an Efficient HVAC System

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Insights from Your Trusted Home Comfort Specialists in Easton, PA

Gone are the days of simply calculating the BTUs and hooking up a new or replacement furnace. Today, sizing an HVAC unit requires you to take into account several different factors. This includes the size and layout of your house, ductwork, insulation, local climate, number of doors and windows, sun exposure, and efficiency rating of the furnace you choose. Yet, some inexperienced HVAC contractors continue to ignore key elements that go into proper sizing and installation of your HVAC equipment. Not only can that put the safety and comfort of your home and its occupants at risk, but, incorrect sizing could also lead to inconsistent or sub-par performance, or reduced lifespan of your HVAC unit. 

At Comfort Solutions HVAC, we specialize in installation, repairs and maintenance of heating and cooling systems. We make it our business to help keep your home safe, comfortable and energy efficient. Our HVAC experts offer insights on the various things that can go wrong due to improper HVAC installation.

Is Your HVAC System Installed Correctly?

Once you have invested a substantial amount of money in installing or replacing an HVAC system, the last thing you need is for your heating or cooling system to fail. While certain sounds or signs are normal during the early days after installation, if you continue to hear or see them, it could indicate a faulty installation.

Strange Noises: There may be different types of installation issues, depending on the type of noise you hear:

  • A rattling sound as soon as your furnace turns on? This could mean that the heat exchanger was installed incorrectly, or has suffered some damage during the setup process. 
  • A strange, higher-than-normal buzzing sound when the furnace or air conditioning is on? One of the transformer components could be loose. This will not only produce annoying noises, but may also affect your system’s energy efficiency, leading to skyrocketing utility bills. 
  • Big bangs or booming noises that sound almost like gunshots? This may be a ductwork design issue, along with gas buildup.
  • Squealing and screeching noises may indicate an improperly installed blower motor or insufficient lubrication. 
  • Clicking or popping sounds could mean several things, including flame sensor or wiring issues, gas valve leak or faulty ducts. 

Insufficient Airflow: If you are sensing poor circulation despite your HVAC system being on, it could be the result of improper ductwork. An inexperienced technician may not spot holes or cracks in your ducts, which could be causing heating or cooling issues in some parts of your home. This also makes your HVAC system work extra hard to keep those spaces warm or cool, leading to a spike in your energy bills.

Slow Response: If your HVAC system is taking unusually long to heat or cool down your home, it may indicate that the technician has put too much or too little refrigerant into your unit. The refrigerant level imbalance will impact your heating and cooling costs, as well as the longevity of your system. 

While some problems may be easy to diagnose due to the visible signs and sounds, there may be other installation issues, such as faulty wiring, which will not come to light until a major problem occurs. Furthermore, even the most perfect installation cannot address the problems that may arise due to a unit sizing issue.

Choose the Right HVAC Specialist for Efficient, Error-Free Installations 

At Comfort Solutions HVAC, we specialize in the installation of gas furnaces and air conditioning systems.Unlike low-cost service providers, our expert technicians will: 

  • Spend quality time in assessing all aspects of your home that impact the installation and functioning of a HVAC system. 
  • Provide accurate sizing and suggestions for the HVAC units that will best suit your home, while also addressing your lifestyle and energy conservation priorities. 
  • Meticulously customize and install the HVAC unit, and conduct a thorough follow-up to rule out any installation or functional issues. 

Avoid costly mistakes by working with a reliable, affordable and efficient HVAC specialist, such as Comfort Solutions HVAC. Speak to our experts at 610-438-9300, or contact us online to request an estimate.