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Heating Issues that Can Be Caused by Dirt and Dust

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Important Information from Your Home Comfort Specialists in Easton, PA 

Is your furnace not blowing enough heat? Does it make a strange sound when it starts up? A buildup of dirt and dust could be the reasons for your heating woes. This can lead to parts malfunctioning or wearing out sooner than usual. While this may sound too simple, neglect is the most common cause of furnace breakdowns, high energy bills and even ill health. Catching small issues in time helps prevent expensive repairs and early replacement.

The specialists at Comfort Solutions HVAC explain how dirt and dust can affect the performance of your furnace.  

Common Dirt-Related Furnace Problems

  • System malfunction: Dirt buildup can spell big problems for your furnace. It impacts the heat exchanger, blower and fan motor as well as the air flow. For example, a clogged filter prevents air from moving around in your unit, causing the heat exchanger and fan motor to overheat and malfunction, or worse still, break down. 
  • Pilot light and gas valve problems: A pilot light that is clogged with dirt will not ignite the gas in the combustion chamber which is responsible for providing heat. Over time, dust accumulation can also cause other gas valves to fail, further impacting furnace performance. 
  • Decreased efficiency: If your energy costs are significantly higher than before, a dirty HVAC system might be the reason.For instance, dirty fan blades force your system to work harder and use more energy.Also, when dirt accumulates on the burners, the efficiency of the heat exchanger is impacted, resulting in less heat. 
  • Dirty coils: Dirty filters lead to dirty coils. Both result in the system running longer and higher utility bills.  Despite the higher cost, your house is not any warmer. 
  • Furnace fire: According to the National Fire Protection Association, heating equipment fires have been the second leading cause of home fires. This risk increases when your furnace is not properly maintained. Excessive amounts of dust in and around the appliance can lead to a fire. 
  • Health issues: Ignoring problems with your furnace can lead to serious health issues. Dirty and malfunctioning furnaces spread unhealthy air in a home. Filters are meant to remove allergens and contaminants from the air. They are unable to do this when clogged with dirt. This is harmful for family members with allergies and respiratory issues like asthma. People who are healthy can also develop allergies and breathing problems as a result of it. The Department of Energy (DoE) recommends replacing your filters every month or two during the coldest and hottest times of the year.

Your furnace requires annual inspections and service to maximize both functionality and lifespan. Furnace maintenance programs by Comfort Solutions HVAC are designed to maximize appliance efficiency and help you avoid expensive repairs. We have been serving residents throughout Easton, PA and the surrounding NJ areas,  with prompt installation, repairs and maintenance for both heating and cooling systems. 

Need a repair or tune up for your HVAC system? Call us at 610-438-9300 to book an appointment. You can also contact us online to request an estimate. Our N.A.T.E. certified technicians look forward to making your PA home or office space comfortable and energy efficient.