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Why is My Furnace Leaking Water?

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Insight from the Comfort Specialists in Easton, PA

When your gas furnace operates, you might sometimes notice water leaking from the bottom. You may even find that water has penetrated the air filter and leaves it soggy. But, what causes water to leak from a gas furnace, and is it something that you should be concerned about?

You have a few reasons why there is water generating, and because most furnaces today have been upgraded to energy-efficient models, the cause is likely the condenser. High-efficiency heaters, which are those with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of more than 90 percent, use cooling exhaust systems. As a result of the cooled exhaust, they will create condensation.

While this is a common cause, it is not the only reason a gas furnace may experience water leaks. Therefore, you should contact your local pros from Comfort Solutions HVAC for a diagnosis.

Here are a few reasons you may have water leaking from your gas furnace:

  • Normal condensation from your furnace. Condensation from a high-efficiency furnace goes through the floor and into a drain. Therefore, if you have water pooling, you may have a leak in the system’s tubing. The tubing may have become clogged and broken, or the floor drain may be clogged causing the water to pool. If you have a standard-efficiency unit, you should not see any condensation. If you do, then the flue pipe was most likely fitted improperly.
  • The faulty heat exchanger in the furnace. Another common reason for water is the secondary heat exchanger is causing a water leak. Unfortunately, this is an expensive repair, and if your unit is older, you may need to replace the furnace rather than endure the costs of this repair.
  • Problems with your unit’s humidifier. If you have a humidifier installed in the furnace, then you may have an issue with that which causes your water leak. Typically, this issue can be caught early on when you have your annual HVAC service.
  • Internal drain clog. Do your furnace and air conditioner use the same interior drain? If so, you might have an inner drain system plug, which is sending water from the air conditioner over to your furnace.
  • Drain line moved. Sometimes the issue is as simple as the drain line being moved away from the drain. Look for the PVC pipe that leads from your furnace over to the drain in your floor. If it has been moved away from the drain, you can gently move it back, so the water goes where it was supposed to go.
  • Cracked or rotten tubing. Another common reason for water leaks is dry rot, breaking, and kinked furnace tubing or condenser parts. Typically, these are also caught during annual maintenance, but if you have neglected your appointment, it may go unnoticed.

If you notice water pooling underneath your furnace or you have water leaks coming from somewhere in the HVAC system, it is imperative you call in a professional. Leaks can lead to massive problems, including damaging your HVAC components, the floors, and walls. Let the team at Comfort Solutions HVAC figure out what is causing the leak and get things back on track.

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