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Common HVAC Problems Found during Home Inspections 

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Heating and cooling units are integral to indoor comfort. A home inspection can reveal some rather unpleasant details about your HVAC system impacting the sale. Malfunctioning equipment raises questions about air quality, energy bills and the general condition of your home. Here are some typical problems HVAC inspections reveal.

Top 5 HVAC Issues Your Home Inspection Can Expose

  1. Faulty wiring: Improper wiring (undersized, reversed polarity, etc.) and double-tapped breakers (two circuits attached to a single breaker) are common electrical issues unearthed during a home inspection. In addition to reducing the efficiency and lifespan of your HVAC system, this is also a major fire hazard. 
  2. Improper ventilation: Frosted windows, heat buildup, discolored grout and mold on walls are typical signs of poor ventilation which affects indoor air quality and health. Insufficient or broken vents, ductwork issues and improper sizing of the HVAC system could be causing the problem.  
  3. Drips and Leaks: These usually signal bigger problems. Here are 3 common malfunctions they bring to light:
    • Gas line leaks – Usually imply a broken or cracked furnace heat exchanger
    • Refrigerant leaks – Mainly caused by weak joints or faulty connections in an AC or heat pump, refrigerant leaks can amount to huge repair bills
    • Water around the air conditioner – Typically caused by a clogged drain hose, this can result in moisture buildup and condensation issues
  1. Clogged filters: In addition to reducing air flow and quality (meaning uncomfortable temperatures and thermostat wars), dirty filters also impact furnace/air conditioner performance and energy bills.  
  2. Old equipment: Most heating and cooling equipment has a service life of around 20 years. However, unmaintained systems face reduced efficiency and lifespan. They are also indicative of poor home maintenance. 

The team at Comfort Solutions HVAC can help you maintain your AC and furnace so that your inspection goes smoothly. Our team of NATE Certified technicians is qualified to help you with repairs and replacement. We can also advise you on how to optimize HVAC system efficiency and lifespan. 

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