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Christmas Tree Lighting and Decoration Tips 

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Holiday Safety Advice from Your HVAC Team in Easton, PA 

There’s no time like holiday time! Are you getting ready to decorate your home for the festive season? The holidays are joyous and busy times as people all around gather together, enjoying feasting and festivities. While there is a lot of good cheer and celebration going around, this is also a time that brings risks of fire, injury and property damage. The HVAC specialists at Comfort Solutions explain some decoration dos and don’ts to follow in your home this year, and ongoing. 

Decoration Guidelines for Holiday Safety

  • Keep your Christmas tree away from sources of heat: This includes the stove, fire place, heating vents and candles. Even artificial products with a ‘fire-resistant’ label will burn when exposed to flames. Ensure that live trees have enough water. The heat in your home dries them out, making them a fire hazard.
  • Choose the right lights: Purchase lighting and decorations with an accredited agency certification like UL. Follow manufacturer recommendations for indoor and outdoor usage. Never use indoor lights outside or exceed the recommended wattage. In most cases, no more than three strings of lights can be strung together. Do not hammer tacks or nails into the electrical cord when hanging lights as this will damage the wiring. Use clips to safely attach lights to the house.
  • Use proper extension cords and outlets: Discard cords with frayed or exposed wires. Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) outlets when plugging in outdoor decorations. Do not run extension cords under carpets, in places where they can be damaged by furniture, through doorways or across the hallway. Keep outdoor connections above-ground and out of puddles. Never run them across driveways and walkways.
  • Avoid overloading circuits:  This can result in overheating and cause a fire. A blown fuse or circuit is usually a sign of overloading. 
  • Put candles in a safe place: Keep them away from curtains, bedding, paper, walls or any other areas with the potential to combust. Remember to blow them out when leaving the room.
  • Never leave holiday decorations unattended: If there is a problem, it is essential to ensure that someone is there to prevent an accident, damage or fire. Unplug or turn them off when going to bed or leaving the house. You could also use a timer for automatic shut-off. As with Christmas trees, keep decorations away from sources of heat.
  • Take down your decorations when the season is over: Most are not designed for year-round use anyway!

With the holidays around the corner, make sure your HVAC system will not breakdown and ruin your celebrations. A malfunctioning furnace or heat pump is also a fire hazard. Get it checked right away if you notice that it is not working optimally.

At Comfort Solutions HVAC, our maintenance programs follow manufacturer and Energy Star recommendations to ensure peak efficiency. We also offer prompt repairsinstallations and replacements. You can count on our N.A.T.E. Certified technicians to keep your Easton, PA home warm and comfortable this holiday season. 

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