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Does My AC Need an Annual Tune Up? 

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Your HVAC Team in Easton, PA Explains the Benefits

An annual tune-up during the onset of spring will ensure your AC runs efficiently through the hot summer months. Regular maintenance can prevent sudden breakdowns, keep your energy bills low and help maximize air conditioner service life. Check out the multiple advantages of an annual AC tune up.

5 Advantages of Tuning Your Air Conditioner Annually

  1. Avoid costly breakdowns: From loose connections to a worn-out capacitor, clogged drain hose and dirty filters—your hardworking air conditioner needs some TLC from an HVAC professional at least once a year.  The last thing you need is for it to breakdown during the peak of summer when you need it most.
  2. Improve indoor comfort: Your air conditioner lowers temperatures as well as humidity to keep you comfortable. Cleaning it regularly and performing necessary tweaks and repairs on time protects air quality and your health.
  3. Minimize expensive repairs: Neglect will result in small issues turning into major repairs, or even early replacement. During tune ups, we clean your air conditioner and check for potential problems to help you avoid large repair bills.
  4. Lower energy bills:  Regular AC maintenance keeps your cooling system at peak efficiency. This means comfortable temperatures and lower energy bills. A neglected air conditioner can develop a multitude of functional problems. This makes it work harder and consume more energy, most of which is wasted.
  5. Extend AC lifespan: All mechanical equipment requires regular attention. You maintain your car, so why not your air conditioner? Giving your AC an annual tune up keeps it dependable and strong. It also increases the chances of making it last for the intended life span.

One call to Comfort Solutions HVAC can help keep your AC at peak performance throughout the summer. Our NATE Certified technicians are qualified to help you improve air conditioning efficiency and reduce repair expenses.  We can also help you select and install an energy-efficient replacement when your cooling unit has reached the end of its life.  

Call us at 610-438-9300 or request an estimate online for your AC tune up appointment this spring.