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5 Furnace Tips When Extreme Cold Temperatures Are in the Forecast 

Important Heating Advice from Your HVAC Team in Easton, PA 

Even the newest and best furnaces can struggle to keep up with the extreme cold. The last thing you need is to be without heat even for an hour when it is freezing outside. How do you prevent your heating system from breaking down when the mercury dips? The HVAC specialists at Comfort Solutions share tips to protect your furnace and ensure your comfort in winter. 

5 Simple Ways to Avoid a Furnace Breakdown in Winter 

  1. Ensure your furnace filter is clean: An air filter that is clogged with dust and debris makes your furnace work harder. While the thumb rule is to replace it every 3 months (2 months if there are pets in the home, or you or a family member have allergies), you may have to change it more frequently in cold weather. We recommend checking the filter every month and replacing it if necessary, to help your furnace run efficiently.
  2. Keep vents clear: High efficiency furnaces have vents that lead outside your home. These are often located at ground level. During the extreme cold, make sure they are clear of any debris, ice and snow as blockages could cause a malfunction or breakdown. Also check that your indoor vents are open and not covered by rugs or furniture.
  3. Avoid cranking up the temperature: Resist the temptation to increase the heat in frigid temperatures. Your house will feel colder but cranking up the thermostat is unlikely to make much of difference except to put a strain on the furnace. Wear an extra layer or use blankets to keep warm instead. We recommend lowering the temperature a couple of degrees to protect your furnace. 
  4. Don’t lower the thermostat setting: Is your thermostat programed for lower temperatures when no one is at home, or at night? Doing so helps conserve energy but avoid doing this during extreme cold weather as your furnace will have a hard time raising temperatures to desired levels. It will also use more energy to do so. 
  5. Maintain your furnace: Regular furnace inspections, maintenance and repairs will help optimize the performance and lifespan of your heating system. It also helps lower your energy bills. Remember that a malfunctioning or neglected furnace runs a high risk of breaking down when you need it most.

At Comfort Solutions HVAC, our affordable maintenance programs help keep your furnace at peak efficiency. We also offer prompt repairsinstallations and replacements in the event your system malfunctions or breaks down. You can trust our N.A.T.E. certified technicians to eliminate any heating concerns and keep your Easton, PA home warm and comfortable. 

Call us at 610-438-9300 for your furnace maintenance appointment or request an estimate online.

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