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WiFi Thermostat…Why Not?

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In this day and age of convenience, why not have a Wi Fi thermostat? There are many different brands that come with an array of different features. Some of today’s thermostats have the ability to learn yours and your families’ habits in order to adjust the temperature for maximum comfort. Some thermostats have the ability to dehumidify your house; they can also add humidity to your home by controlling your humidifier and fan.

Many of the brand specific thermostats have the ability to monitor your entire HVAC system and send you warnings if your equipment is malfunctioning or something as simple as a dirty air filter. But the coolest feature is having that app on your smart phone that allows you to control and change any setting you would like from any location.

So imagine you’re sitting on the couch relaxing and you’re feeling a little cold or hot, you simply pick up your phone and change the temperature to a more comfortable setting. You might be on vacation and you would like to insure your heat is still working while you’re away, click on the app and view the current temperature in your home.

The big question is can anybody easily install their own smart thermostat?

I would say if you have some type of an electrical background and understand what wires control what you have a pretty good shot at it.  However, I will tell you that we often get many calls from customers who have attempted to install their own thermostats. They will wire them incorrectly and burn out the transformers on their HVAC systems or even ruin a $250 thermostat.

Contact Comfort Solutions HVAC to discuss what thermostat is going to best fit your personal situation and for installation options. You’ll pay a few bucks more, but at least you know it will be done right the first time.