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What is the Ideal Thermostat Setting for a Good Night’s Sleep?

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Tips from Your HVAC Team in Easton, PA

Many of us are unaware that the temperature in our bedrooms impacts the quality of our sleep. If you are too hot or cold, the discomfort is likely to wake you up more than once. Experts say this is because your body has its own internal thermostat which is trying to achieve the set point or comfortable temperature for sleep. The suggested range is between 60∞F and 67∞F. The HVAC specialists at Comfort Solutions share valuable tips to help you get a sound sleep every night.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Sleeping Conditions 

  • Temperature: Recommending a specific temperature setting is difficult because it is based on individual comfort. We all have a different optimal temperature for sleeping. However, some experts believe that around 65∞F makes for the best sleep conditions. If you are restless or wake up periodically, experiment with thermostat settings in the recommended range till you find your comfort zone. For babies and toddlers, on the other hand, raise the thermostat a little higher to between 65∞F and 70∞F.
  • Bed surface: The feel of your mattress, pillows and linen also affect sleep quality. Contrary to popular belief, there is ideal firmness. A soft or firm mattress is an individual preference. However, different types of mattress materials as well as clothing and linen fabrics deal with heat differently. This can cause you to feel hot or cold and impact the thermostat settings. 
  • Darkness: Some sleep experts fell that creating a quiet, cool, dark cave-like atmosphere in your bedroom will help you snooze better and longer. Bats, the champion sleepers, follow this logic. After all, light and darkness are important cues for your body to rest or wake up. Even the sunrays in the morning can force some to wake up before they are ready.  

The right temperature setting can help you sleep faster, better and longer. This can also alleviate certain types of insomnia as well as improve your metabolism and quality of life. At Comfort Solutions HVAC, we have a range of thermostats to meet your needs. Some of the latest products with smart technology controlled from your cell phone allow you to change the settings without getting out of bed and even when you are away. We can help you find and install the right thermostat for your home. Our N.A.T.E. Certified technicians are committed to optimizing your comfort and energy savings. 

Take advantage of our maintenance programs to avoid expensive repairs and keep the HVAC system in  your Easton, PA home at peak efficiency. 

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