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UV Light Air Purifiers for Outstanding Air Quality 

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What Are UV Light Air Purifiers?

UV light gets a bad rap for being destructive to skin cells and an agent of premature aging. Yes, UV light can cause wrinkles, dry skin, liver spots, and skin cancer. However, ultraviolet light can also play a role in keeping your indoor air quality at peak condition. UV-C light is used in air purification and can help you rid your home of pesky mold or mildew that lurks in dark corners. UV light air purifiers utilize UV-C light to target and break down the DNA or RNA of airborne allergens and pathogens. Often, UV light air purifiers are created with HEPA filters for true sanitation power and outstanding indoor air quality. 

What Are the Benefits of UV Light Air Purifiers? 

UV light may be harmful if it is naturally occurring. However, artificial UV-C air purifiers are created with residential use in mind for the safest air sanitization possible. UV light air purifiers are ideal options to upgrade your indoor air quality (IAQ) and provide numerous benefits. To learn more about the advantages of UV air purifiers for your home, continue reading.

  1. Targets pathogens – UV light targets pathogens and corrupts the DNA and RNA of bacteria, rendering them obsolete.
  1. Reduces allergens – UV light purifiers also reduce allergens such as mildew and mold. 
  1. Energy efficiency – These air purifiers provide a more energy efficient machine due to improved airflow.
  1. Product longevity – UV light air purifiers require little maintenance and last a long time when paired with a HEPA filter. 
  1. Cost reduction – These air purifiers can save you money by providing efficient heating and cooling.

How Do UV Light Purifiers Stack Up Against Alternative Air Purifiers? 

There are various options tailored to indoor air quality purification. If you’re in the market for an air purification system for your home, it is always best to ask a certified HVAC technician for their recommendation. Before you contact an HVAC company for their assistance, first look into comparisons to understand which air purifier will meet your needs. If you want to learn about how UV light air purifiers stack up to their competitors, take a look at our breakdown. 

  • Carbon – A carbon filter uses charcoal to contain smells and gases but doesn’t do much to help sanitize the air from pathogens or allergens. 
  • Ozone – Ozone machinery such as generators is used for extreme cases of mold remediation and is equipment that should only be used by a professional. They are not for common residential use.
  • Filters – All a regular air filter can do is trap allergens. A true HEPA filter paired with UV light would be the best combo to help combat any pathogens and allergens to deliver the desired IAQ.
  • Electrostatic – These air purifiers use electrostatic cling to trap particles. They require a lengthy period of time to clean the air and are only effective for allergens.

Are you curious about how UV light air purifiers can be used in your home to improve your indoor air quality? With the help of the highly trained and certified HVAC technicians at Comfort Solutions, you can find out what air purifier is the perfect fit for your home.

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