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Comfort Solutions HVAC is a full service heating and air conditioning company serving Eastern PA and part of NJ.

Which Brand of HVAC System Should I Go For?

Tips from your Home Comfort Specialists in Easton, PA  Whether your existing HVAC system is at the end of its life, or you are looking to upgrade to a high-efficiency system, replacing your home’s heating or air conditioning is a substantial investment. If you have put aside some funds for such contingencies, a sudden outage in the system could be a rude shock to your wallet. However, this is not an avoidable expense. The HVAC system is arguably one of the most important aspects of home maintenance, and it is important to invest in the right brand, make and model for maintaining a comfortable home.

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Heating Issues that Can Be Caused by Dirt and Dust

Important Information from Your Home Comfort Specialists in Easton, PA  Is your furnace not blowing enough heat? Does it make a strange sound when it starts up? A buildup of dirt and dust could be the reasons for your heating woes. This can lead to parts malfunctioning or wearing out sooner than usual. While this may sound too simple, neglect is the most common cause of furnace breakdowns, high energy bills and even ill health. Catching small issues in time helps prevent expensive repairs and early replacement. The specialists at Comfort Solutions HVAC explain how dirt and dust can affect the performance of your furnace.   Common Dirt-Related Furnace Problems System malfunction: Dirt buildup can spell big problems for your furnace. It impacts the heat exchanger, blower and fan[...]

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Do I Need More Insulation or a More Efficient HVAC System?

Advice from Your Home Comfort Specialists in Easton, PA  The answer goes beyond a simple yes or no! It is essential to understand that the insulation and HVAC system perform two different functions, albeit related. Insulation reduces the amount of heating and cooling your home requires while your furnace and air conditioner (or heat pump) impacts how much energy is used.  Energy-efficient insulation is important but just one solution to your heating and cooling issues. With these costs accounting for more than half of your energy bills, having an efficient HVAC system is equally critical. The specialists at Comfort Solutions HVAC explain why you should pay attention to both.  Benefits of Upgrading Home Insulation Comfort: Drafts under doorways, cold walls and condensation on windows are signs of insulation issues[...]

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Smart Thermostats are Here to Stay

Your Easton, PA HVAC Experts Highlight the Advantages Have you found yourself walking into a neighbor or friend’s home and admiring that smooth, gleaming device, with an attractive, digital display and a cool, futuristic appearance? Does it look straight out of a sci-fi movie? These eye-catching devices are smart thermostats, and they are here to stay. In addition to their physical appeal, these devices boast intelligent features that are transforming the lives of people, making everyday living convenient and energy efficient.

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Top 5 Airflow Issues with HVAC Systems

Insights from Your Home Comfort Specialists in Easton, PA Imagine waking up on a chilly, winter morning, or a hot summer day, only to find something is not right with your heating or air conditioning. Your mind is already in overdrive, thinking about what may be wrong with your HVAC system, how long will it take to fix the issue, or how big a hole it will burn in your pocket to get it repaired. However, before you panic, or think of the worst, check for the telltale signs, which may throw some light on the nature of the issue. 

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