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The Importance of Indoor Humidity Levels

Advice for Maintaining Ideal Humidity in Your Home   Regardless of the climate you live in, the levels of humidity can affect how you feel in your home, in addition to interfering with the proper functioning of your HVAC units. Therefore, managing indoor humidity levels should be a priority for every homeowner to ensure that your heating and cooling preferences meet your personal needs. If proper humidity levels are not maintained, not only will your home feel uncomfortable to live in but you also run the risk of exposing your family to respiratory disorders as well as causing damage to both the inside and outside of your home. 

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Tips to Maximize Your AC’s Efficiency

A Helpful Guide from Your Expert HVAC Technicians   The summer season is quickly approaching and with warmer temperatures already here, it’s time to put your central air conditioning to work. As one of the largest energy expenses for most homeowners, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can improve your energy efficiency. In the height of summer, it’s important that you get the most out of your AC unit while avoiding those costly energy bills. Fortunately, the technicians at Comfort Solutions HVAC can help you learn more about what you can do to maximize your air conditioning efficiency so you can save on cooling costs. 

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Switching on Your Air Conditioning for the Season?

Your HVAC Team in Easton, PA Offers an Easy Prep Checklist  While you enjoy a warm and comfy home during the winter months, there is a certain satisfaction in shutting off the furnace as the warm season begins. Switching from heating to air conditioning makes for a welcome addition to the warmer weather, longer days, tank tops and flip-flops, and backyard barbecues. However, before you reset the thermostat, address a few key aspects that can enhance the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning. Take the right steps to avoid the experience of a faulty or failing cooling system in the middle of a hot summer.

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Can You Allergy-Proof Your Home?

Expert Tips to Detect and Remove Allergens   When you are home, do you often experience an itchy or stuffy nose, scratchy or swollen throat, watery eyes, sneezing, wheezing, or rashes? These could be reactions to allergens, such as dust mites, fabric fibers, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, or fragments of dead insects or their waste, all of which are part of the dust in your home. While most symptoms are easily manageable through medication, knowing the exact cause of your allergies will help you eliminate or reduce the allergens in your home. 

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HVAC Filters Come in Many Variants

Your Easton, PA HVAC Specialists Explain the Different Types  As a critical component of the HVAC system, an air filter directly influences the performance of your heating or cooling systems. A clean filter not only keeps the indoor air cool, fresh and healthy, but ensures that your HVAC system functions at optimum capacity. In fact, proper care and maintenance of the air filter could potentially reduce your energy consumption by 5 to 15 percent.

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