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Is It Time for a New HVAC System?

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Tips to Decide When is the Right Time for a Replacement

Purchasing a new air conditioner is a significant investment, but a good one for your home. One of the toughest decisions you will make is deciding whether your existing AC unit is ready for replacement or has a few more years to give. After all, you do not want to risk it breaking down, but also do not want to spend money you do not have to.

The cost of continuing to repair and maintain the old unit might push you toward replacement, while other times you want cheaper utility bills.

To determine if now is the time to replace your existing air conditioner, here are a few considerations:

  • Your air conditioner is more than ten years old. Air conditioners will typically last 10 to 15 years. With expensive repairs always adding up each year, and a unit over the ten-year threshold, it makes economic sense to replace your existing unit.
  • Your air conditioner is not energy-efficient or EnergyStar rated. Older air conditioners have poor SEER ratings, which means you pay more to operate it. Current models have a SEER of at least 13. Therefore, if your rating is below that, you might consider a new one.
  • Your air conditioner’s latest repair bill is extensive. A repair bill rivaling the value of your current air conditioner calls for consideration to replace with a newer model. Weigh the costs of that extensive repair with the expense of a more recent model (complete with warranty).
  • Your air conditioner breaks down several times a year. If you regularly call out comfort specialists to repair your AC unit throughout the year, replacing it might help you save significantly.
  • Your air conditioner still uses Freon-22. By 2020, all air conditioners will be Freon-free. Freon today is extremely expensive to purchase, and if your unit uses it, you will eventually have to replace it to switch to Puron. Doing so now might ensure you get a better price and don’t compete with the rush of homeowners replacing in a few years.

If you are unsure whether a new air conditioner is a right choice for your home, have Comfort Solutions HVAC in Easton, PA do an assessment. We offer in-home consultations, expert installations, and maintenance programs to help you get maximum efficiency from your air conditioner (new or old). Request your estimate appointment today or call 610-438-9300 to schedule a consultation.