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The Importance of Indoor Humidity Levels

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Advice for Maintaining Ideal Humidity in Your Home  

Regardless of the climate you live in, the levels of humidity can affect how you feel in your home, in addition to interfering with the proper functioning of your HVAC units. Therefore, managing indoor humidity levels should be a priority for every homeowner to ensure that your heating and cooling preferences meet your personal needs. If proper humidity levels are not maintained, not only will your home feel uncomfortable to live in but you also run the risk of exposing your family to respiratory disorders as well as causing damage to both the inside and outside of your home. 

It’s time to acknowledge that indoor humidity levels play an extremely important role in determining your home’s air quality. While most homeowners are quick to attribute poor air quality to dust or pollen, low and high humidity should also be recognized as one of the leading causes of health problems developed in the home. Learn about the importance of indoor humidity levels and if you should invest in a thermostat from your trusted technicians at Comfort Solutions HVAC. 

How to Gauge and Adjust the Humidity in Your Home  

Achieving optimum indoor humidity levels in your home depend on several factors including clothing, activity level and personal preference. Read on to discover a few things you should know about humidity in your home. 

  • The Importance of Indoor Humidity Levels: Humidity can have a negative effect on your health and your home. If humidity is too low, the wood surfaces in your home are susceptible to cracking and splitting since there is not enough moisture in the air. If humidity is too high, you may notice excess moisture pooling on various surfaces or forming on your walls and windows. This level of high humidity can encourage rot and mold growth. Therefore, it is important to monitor the humidity levels in your home to make sure they are just right. 
  • Ideal Home Humidity: The ideal indoor humidity level is not always easy to determine as it depends on your personal comfort and the temperatures outside. However, a home should generally stay between 30-40% humidity during the winter months and from 40-60% in the summer months. 
  • How to Achieve the Perfect Humidity Indoors: Achieving the perfect humidity in your home can sometimes be as easy as opening a window for a short period of time; however this shouldn’t be relied upon as a consistent method for managing indoor humidity levels. A better option is to invest in a humidifier or dehumidifier depending on your existing levels. To help you gauge your home’s humidity level, a programmable thermostat can detect the relative humidity and make adjustments accordingly without you having to lift a finger.  

Learning how to control the settings on your thermostat will help you maintain your indoor humidity levels and enjoy a comfortable home all year round. If you don’t have the time or energy to think twice about it, consider investing in a programmable thermostat that will do the work for you. An experienced technician from Comfort Solutions HVAC can help you select the right thermostat for your home and offer step-by-step instructions on how to use it to best suit your heating and cooling needs. 

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