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Switching on Your Air Conditioning for the Season?

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Your HVAC Team in Easton, PA Offers an Easy Prep Checklist 

While you enjoy a warm and comfy home during the winter months, there is a certain satisfaction in shutting off the furnace as the warm season begins. Switching from heating to air conditioning makes for a welcome addition to the warmer weather, longer days, tank tops and flip-flops, and backyard barbecues. However, before you reset the thermostat, address a few key aspects that can enhance the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning. Take the right steps to avoid the experience of a faulty or failing cooling system in the middle of a hot summer.

Key Steps between Switching from Furnace to Air Conditioning

  • If you have an older heating system, you may be required to turn off the pilot while shutting down the furnace. If left on, the pilot will continue consuming gas, an unnecessary addition to your energy bills. 
  • Clean the air filter, or replace it with a fresh, new one. Since your furnace and air conditioning share the same air-exchange, a clean filter will ensure that your cooling system performs at optimal levels.
  • Get rid of the dirt, debris and dust in the supply and return registers to prevent it from circulating throughout your home. Hire a professional duct cleaning company every two years for a thorough cleanse of all the ducts, registers, grilles, and the air handler. If you have pets, you may want to do this every year.
  • Inspect the air conditioning unit outside your home. Remove the cover (if any), and get rid of any objects or overgrown vegetation within a foot of the unit. Spray down the coils with a regular garden hose to gently wash off any soot or dirt.
  • Check if the breaker as well as the condenser switch is in the “on” position. Set your thermostat to cool, keep the fan at ‘auto’ and turn on your air conditioning. Tip: If switching directly from heating to cooling, let your unit complete its current cycle. Once you hear the usual humming sound stop, turn off the thermostat and wait for five minutes before turning it back onto the air conditioning mode. This wait time will allow the refrigerant to reset to its original pressure and prevent a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. These problems usually occur when the refrigerant pressure is high during the sudden switch between heating and cooling mode. 
  • Once you have reset the thermostat and started the air conditioning, ensure that the blades of the outside unit are spinning. Back inside, check for cool air coming through from the air registers. 
  • Cool air typically takes longer to rise to the upper parts of your home. If you do not use the basement for extended periods of time, close the vents on the lower level to promote better cooling on the main and top floors, where you need it the most. Most homes experience a slightly warmer upper floor when the air conditioning is on. However, if you notice highly uneven cooling between floors, there could be other underlying issues such as leaky ductwork or an outdated HVAC system. 

In addition to the above steps, consider scheduling an annual inspection or maintenance service to enjoy uninterrupted cooling and a high-performing air conditioning system during the warmer months. The qualified and experienced technicians at Comfort Solutions HVAC can help you lower your cooling costs, improve your indoor air quality, and enhance the lifespan of your HVAC system. Besides our attractive preventative maintenance packages, you can count on us for efficient installations and prompt repairs and replacements for a range of cooling solutions

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