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Start Your Season Right with AC Prep

3 Quick Tips to Prep Your AC for Spring and Summer

Spring is here, and while you are focused on getting outdoors and taking advantage of the great weather, you need to put some of that focus on your home comfort. Your HVAC system is likely to be working at maximum capacity shortly; particularly as those summer temperatures continue to climb.

If you want to ensure that your air conditioner is in optimum shape and ready to tackle your home comfort needs through spring and summer, follow these simple tips for preparation.

There are three must-do tasks to prepare your air conditioner for spring and summer use:

  1. Try It Out – Start with a trial run. Do a complete cycle for the air conditioner. Listen carefully to see if strange noises are coming from the unit or vents. Check if it turns on and starts generating cold air immediately, and if the cycle runs correctly.
  2. Clean out Ducts – After all your spring cleaning, the last thing you want is to turn on your air conditioner and blow dust, dander, and debris into the home. Consider having the ductwork and vents cleaned so that you have fresh air year-round. Also consider adding an air purification system.
  3. Schedule a Professional Check – Professional, annual maintenance on an air conditioner is the best line of defense you have against premature breakdown and costly repairs.

For more tips on seasonal maintenance or to schedule a tune-up for your air conditioner, contact Comfort Solutions HVAC in Easton, PA. We can help prepare your air conditioner for heavy use over the warmer months. Request a free estimate for all your HVAC system services or call 610-438-9300 to schedule a service appointment.

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