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Signs and Symptoms of an Unhealthy Furnace

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Learn to Identify When You Are In Need of a Furnace Replacement

Strange odors, loud noises, and vibrations in the home can be jarring and easy to spot when something changes. Small adjustments over time, especially those that impact our own behavior, can be a lot more difficult to identify. Sometimes your furnace is damaged or dying, and the signs of trouble are not always evident right away or in signs coming from the unit.

Be aware of the following; They may be signs of an unhealthy furnace:

  • Time with the Thermostat – If your old routine of adjusting the thermostat before bedtime has become a constant revisiting battle to make different rooms or areas comfortable, it could mean that your furnace is in bad shape. Schedule an inspection with an HVAC professional to rule out technical difficulties or quick repairs before assuming the worst.
  • Dry Skin – If dry, itchy skin, or burning eyes and noses have become a seasonal reality for your family, take a look at your furnaces humidifier. Poor circulation can result in a lack of moisture, especially during the dry chill of the winter season.
  • Frequent Dusting – A poorly operating or declining furnace filter can also lead to a rapid buildup of dust and debris. If you find your dusting frequency is no longer effective, consider the age and performance of your furnace.
  • Illness Symptoms – Look around at your indoor environment and furnace if you or someone you live with suffers from headaches or nausea on a regular basis. Cracks in the heat exchanger can lead to leaks that can cause serious health problems with extended carbon monoxide exposure.

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