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Properly Sizing Your AC. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

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What You Need t Consider When Sizing Your AC

Your AC unit breaks down and it’s the middle of summer! The heat is unbearable without an air conditioner, and it can be unsafe to be out in the heat without a way to cool down. You need to get a new unit and fast. But before you buy the biggest AC unit you can find, you have to keep a couple of factors in mind to find the properly sized AC for your home. An AC unit that is bigger isn’t always better.

Look at Multiple AC Unit Sizes – If you attempt to buy the first unit you come across because it may be similar to your old unit or have great reviews, you may be making a mistake. Size does matter, but not in the way that you think. The cooling power of your AC unit is gauged by BTUs, also known as British Thermal Units. BTUs signify the amount of energy necessary to increase the temperature of one pound of water by one degree. The higher your unit’s BTU, the higher the capacity to cool. If you purchase a bigger AC on the premise that a bigger unit means higher cooling power, you may be left with a cold, damp, and clammy home, which isn’t refreshing at all! The best way to determine the correct AC unit that will cool your space is to consult a certified HVAC technician who can help you find the perfect fit.

Research Different Types of AC Units – There are different AC units that you need to consider when trying to find the proper size of air conditioner for your home. In your search for the right AC unit, you will come across three different systems. These systems include the following: 

  • Window – A window AC can be installed in almost any window and is often used to cool a single space. They are an inexpensive option with efficient cooling but are not a great choice for a whole home air conditioning plan.
  • Central – An outdoor unit that utilizes ductwork to provide circulated air throughout a space, central AC is a popular option to cool larger areas. It is a cost effective and durable choice to cool your home.
  • Ductless – If your home has a climate control system in place, you may want to consider a ductless mini-split. Mini-splits can be installed in select areas throughout the home and can be used to cool the rooms you occupy as needed.

Evaluate Your Home – You’ve done your research and found the perfect AC. It seems to be the proper size and type. Wait, don’t hit that buy button yet. Before you purchase the AC unit that you think is the right size, you need to evaluate your home’s air conditioning needs accurately. The best way to find out if the AC unit you’ve found is the right fit is to contact a certified HVAC technician skilled at conducting home evaluations and has the experience of proper installation services. An evaluation would involve the following:

  • Your home’s construction
  • Your home’s temperature
  • The heat of your home’s appliances
  • The number of people that live in your home
  • The age of your roof and its material
  • The local climate of your area
  • Your home’s sun exposure
  • The number of windows in your home
  • Your home’s age and floor plan

Are you looking for the perfect fit for a new air conditioner but are having trouble? Comfort Solutions has certified HVAC specialists that are qualified to solve your problem. We can also assist with the installation of the ideal AC unit for your home.  

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