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Are You Programming Your Thermostat Right?

Expert Tips for Better Energy Savings in the Winter

During this time of the year, your furnace is running continuously to keep the inside of your home warm and toasty. Therefore, you might just assume that higher energy costs are inevitable every winter. Even with a programmable thermostat and the latest energy-efficient furnace model, you could waste energy unnecessarily and increase your utility bills for no reason. Before you assume that higher utility bills are just part of winter, make sure you are programming your thermostat correctly and optimizing your energy consumption for the season.

Here are some tips to ensure you have your thermostat programmed right:

  1. When You are Home During the Day: If you are at home, aim for 68 degrees Fahrenheit to begin with during the day and go up to 72 degrees. The closer you get to 72 degrees, the more energy you will consume.
  2. When You are Gone During the Day: While you are away for the day and the house sits empty, drop the interior temperatures between 62 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature avoids any freezing issues in the winter and ensures your furnace does not work overtime to heat the house back up when you return.
  3. When You are Home at Night: At night, add more blankets and cuddle up with comfortable pajamas. While there is no standard temperature, aim for a settings lower than the temperature you would use during the day while at home. You can start at 68 degrees and try lowering it by a degree or two every night until you find what you are comfortable with.
  4. When You are Gone for Extended Periods: Going on vacation? Maybe you will be out for the holidays and your home vacant for a few days in a row? In the winter, you can lower your thermostat between 55 and 60 degrees. Going below 55 degrees puts your home at risk for frozen pipes; therefore, do not let the interior setting dip below that mark.

Thermostat technology has changed over the past decade; so, if your home’s thermostat is a few years old, consider installing a newer one. A smart thermostat lets you access and monitor your home’s temperature settings regardless of where you are, as long as you have Internet access.

Whether you need furnace maintenance, or you would like to replace your home’s thermostat, contact the team at Comfort Solutions HVAC right here in Easton, PA.

Request an estimate for HVAC maintenance or a new smart thermostat. You can also call us at 610-438-9300 to schedule your thermostat installation.

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