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How to Choose the Right AC System for Your Home

Trusted Advice from Your HVAC Technicians at Comfort Solutions

Buying a new air conditioner for the home can become a complicated decision for many homeowners. This is especially true if it is also your first-time shopping for HVAC equipment. However, taking the time to consider all your options to make the right choice will ensure you have a safe and comfortable home, consume less energy and own a system that will provide you with years of reliable service. The best AC unit for your home depends on a number of factors including your need for flexibility, how your home is designed and your budget. You may also want to seriously consider how efficient the system is if you’re interested in keeping your energy bills and carbon footprint as low as possible. 

At Comfort Solutions HVAC, we are committed to meeting all your heating and cooling needs. We provide in-depth information on all our products and services, so you can make the most informed decisions when it comes to your HVAC equipment. 

4 Steps to Determine Your Ideal AC System

In the summer months, the rising temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight can all contribute to your home becoming uncomfortably warm. Investing in an air conditioning system will not only create a more comfortable indoor environment, but finding the right unit can also improve respiratory conditions such as asthma.  Read on to learn more about the steps you can take to find the ideal AC system for your home: 

  1. Determine the Size You Need: One of the biggest factors in determining an appropriately sized AC system is taking into account the size of your home. In addition to its size, you must also consider how old it is, what it is made out of, airflow and duct size tolerance, the number of windows, volume of insulation and how much sun exposure your house gets. These are some of the most important variables that will determine how effective your AC system needs to be and what size of unit you should ultimately choose. 
  2. Choose the Type You Want: There are three types of central air conditioners that homeowners commonly tend to choose from. The first is the single-stage condenser, which is a solid entry-level choice that is either switched off or operating at full capacity. However, if you want a more energy-efficient system, you may want to consider upgrading. The second type is known as the dual-stage condenser which operates in two modes. Depending on the weather, these systems operate on a higher or lower rate and help your AC unit run more efficiently. The third type are variable speed condensers which operate throughout the day. This system rates higher on energy-efficiency but is the most expensive option out of the three types. A matched system is also required in order to install this condenser. 
  3. Consider the Energy Efficiency Rating: While energy-efficient equipment tends to cost you more upfront, they eventually reduce the amount you pay on your monthly energy bill, as well as lower your carbon footprint. Look for a higher Season Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of at least 13 and for even more cost and energy savings, consider shopping for systems with a 15-17 SEER.
  4. Contact Your Provider: Find an HVAC provider with extensive product knowledge and experience who can walk you through the above-mentioned steps. Additionally, a reliable provider can also educate you on the different types of AC features that will give you a more complete picture and a better idea of which system to choose. 

If you are shopping for a new AC unit, get in touch with a licensed HVAC expert from Comfort Solutions HVAC. We have the knowledge and experience that is required to help you select the appropriate type, features and size that works within your budget and meets your lifestyle requirements. Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your air conditioning system and provide a number of services to reflect that including AC installations, preventative maintenance, and repairs and services. Before investing in your new air conditioning system, consult our professionals for a free estimate and let us take care of your cooling needs so you can get back to enjoying a more comfortable home.  

Get advice for choosing the right AC system for your home from the HVAC experts at Comfort Solutions. Call us at 610-438-9300 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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