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How Often Should Your Air Conditioner be Serviced?

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Expert Advice from Your HVAC Technicians at Comfort Solutions

As the temperatures begin to rise, it’s time to bring your air conditioner out of hibernation and ensure it’s in good shape for the warm, sunny days ahead. While there is no precise answer to how often an AC unit should be serviced, generally, it should be professionally inspected by an HVAC technician at least once a year. Even if you don’t suspect that there is a problem with your system, routine maintenance can ensure your air conditioner runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Ideally, a service check on your AC unit should be performed in the spring, in order to address any issues before you need it to cool down the house during the hottest days of the year. 

When you have your AC unit serviced with Comfort Solutions HVAC, you can expect our technicians to clean your system, check for any potential problems and adjust your system for maximum efficiency. Our annual service plan can help you save money, and you will get the most out of your system for years to come. 

The Benefits of Annual AC Servicing

If you haven’t already got your AC unit professionally serviced, it’s not too late to benefit from this essential maintenance task. Here are a few important reasons why your system should undergo servicing every spring: 

  • Save on Energy Bills: When HVAC systems go without being maintained for too long, they can start to lose their efficiency. This can cause a steady creep-up in how much energy the system consumes to do the same cooling job. Overtime, this may lead to increased power bills that end up costing more than the servicing would in the first place. A regular HVAC checkup keeps it running efficiently, saving you money.
  • Your System Will Run Better: If something is not right in your air conditioning system, it may be impacting its ability to maintain a cool temperature in your house. Does the temperature control say one thing but it feels hotter in your home? That might be a good indication that your unit is not cooling adequately as programmed. A maintenance visit will keep your unit running smoothly and ensure that on the hottest summer days, it works to keep you cool.
  • Systems Will Last Longer: The estimated lifespan of an HVAC unit is based off the assumption that the owner will keep it in good working order. When AC systems go for long periods without maintenance, the issues that keep them from running smoothly are also putting unwanted strain on its mechanisms. Overtime, this can lead to breakages and part failures earlier than expected in the HVAC unit’s lifespan, demanding costly repairs and sometimes a complete replacement of the unit.
  • Your Warranty Will Stay Valid: It is easy to miss, but almost every HVAC warranty comes with a condition about the regular maintenance of the unit. After you have installed a new system, or moved into a house that already has one, be sure to familiarize yourself with your warranty terms to know when you are expected to schedule maintenance. Failing to do this can invalidate a warranty and leave you with steep repair bills.
  • Experts Recommend It: Any trained HVAC expert will tell you that a routine check-up of your system is essential to ensuring it runs smoothly for a long time. Air conditioners are investments that prove their worth when they are properly cared for over the course of their lifetime. By following the guidelines in your warranty and monitoring it closely for any issues, you can avoid bigger issues down the road and, most importantly, stay cool this summer. 

Annual AC service is a crucial component of maintaining your HVAC system. If it’s been a while since your air conditioner has been comprehensively serviced, it’s a good idea to call on the trained and licensed experts at Comfort Solutions HVAC to come and have a look at your system. Our technicians can help you determine the most appropriate service plan based on your specific needs and circumstances. We can address and repair any air conditioning concerns and also answer any other questions about how to, or when to, service your AC unit. Thanks to our wide range of AC products and services, we can ensure you stay cool and comfortable all summer long.   

Service your AC unit every spring by calling in the HVAC experts at Comfort Solutions. Call us at 610-438-9300 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.