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Get Optimal Airflow with Properly Sized Ductwork

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Why is Proper Ductwork Important for Optimal Airflow?

Fall may be around the corner, but for now, the heat is on! Sweltering temperatures can have you turning to your AC and basking in its airflow more frequently. Have you noticed that your unit seems a bit weaker? Is your home being cooled properly? Any indications of weak airflow may be due to improper ductwork. Any ductwork issue can hinder your airflow, from leaks to poor sizing. Ductwork is not a DIY fix and is something only a highly trained and certified HVAC technician can handle. The important thing is to be aware of any airflow issues so you can explain them when you contact a professional.

How to Improve Your HVAC Ductwork

Duct systems are necessary for distributing cool and optimal airflow within your home. It is essential that these systems are in perfect condition to function. Ductwork issues such as improper size, leaks, and dirty ducts can cause problems with your airflow and create high energy bills. Avoiding these problems is as easy as contacting a certified HVAC technician who is qualified to address your concerns. Your ductwork can be improved by a professional that can assess the proper size of your duct system or decide if it needs cleaning.  

A trained technician may conduct the assessment as follows:

  • Testing for air leaks – Your HVAC technician may check for air leaks in your duct system that could be causing a decrease in air flow.
  • Air damper installation – Airflow levels may need regulation to reach the right levels. HVAC technicians will install air dampers that work as valves, rising or falling, to help adjust your airflow to its perfect spot.
  • Cleaning air filters – Air filters can be filled with dirt and debris. If there is an excess of dust, your airflow strength can take a hit. Having them cleaned will help restore optimal levels of airflow.
  • Sizing ductwork – An HVAC technician will evaluate your home and the functionality of your ductwork, changing sizes as needed.
  • Cleaning ductwork – Dirty ductwork could be the culprit affecting your airflow. Ducts that are cleaned and clear of debris will give your duct system more room to breathe. 
  • Installing a booster – Your ductwork may need a boost! A booster fan is used to pump air throughout your ductwork and around your home.

Why Duct Size Matters

Imagine turning on your AC in the hopes of getting some refreshingly nice, cool air, only to be met with a weak stream of air. Improperly sized ductwork can lower your air conditioning expectations and result in more expenses in the long run. Properly sized ductwork is needed if you want an HVAC unit that has strong airflow, a long lifespan, and high energy efficiency. A qualified HVAC technician will be able to determine the correct size your system needs by using an industry method called Manual D Sizing. This method is used to evaluate the right size for you by using the size of your home’s individual spaces and is necessary to provide you with the right ductwork for optimal airflow.

Are you having issues with your airflow? You may need to get all your ducts in a row! Comfort Solutions has NATE-certified HVAC specialists to correct your ductwork. We are ready to evaluate or repair your duct systems to make sure your airflow brings you the comfort you need. 

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