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Do I Need More Insulation or a More Efficient HVAC System?

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Advice from Your Home Comfort Specialists in Easton, PA 

The answer goes beyond a simple yes or no! It is essential to understand that the insulation and HVAC system perform two different functions, albeit related. Insulation reduces the amount of heating and cooling your home requires while your furnace and air conditioner (or heat pump) impacts how much energy is used. 

Energy-efficient insulation is important but just one solution to your heating and cooling issues. With these costs accounting for more than half of your energy bills, having an efficient HVAC system is equally critical. The specialists at Comfort Solutions HVAC explain why you should pay attention to both. 

Benefits of Upgrading Home Insulation

  • Comfort: Drafts under doorways, cold walls and condensation on windows are signs of insulation issues that are not likely to be resolved by a new furnace and AC. Adding a layer of insulation in your attic and walls (especially in older homes) will help prevent drafts and cold spots. 
  • Energy savings: Homes that are not properly insulated can waste up to 30% energy through air leaks. Your HVAC system works harder which means greater stress on the appliances as well as higher energy bills.
  • Sound: Insulation helps absorb sound making your home quieter and cozier.

Advantages of Installing a High-Efficiency HVAC System

  • Lower heating and cooling costs: Research shows that you can save up to 60% on your energy bills by replacing an old and outdated furnace and air conditioner. Investing in a new model with the latest heating and cooling technology allows you to enjoy equitable temperatures without the high energy costs. 
  • Greener options: Renewable energy options like solar and geothermal systems are ideal for residential properties.  You can choose the best one for your situation.
  • Programable thermostats: You can control temperatures throughout the day and even remotely via your smartphone. This offers convenience and savings.
  • Improved health: Newer high-efficiency systems withvariable speed motors provide more even heating and cooling and better air flow. This means equitable temperatures in every room of your house and healthier air.
  • Increased home value: Prospective buyers look for benefits and a high-performance heating and cooling system makes your home more appealing.

Making smart decisions about your heating, cooling and ventilation process can make a significant difference to your comfort as well as your utility bills.  

Furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners installed by Comfort Solutions HVAC focus on optimizing your comfort and energy efficiency. We help you select units that meet your needs and budget and ensure they are correctly installed. We have been serving residents throughout Eastern PA and the surrounding NJ areas, and offer prompt installation, repair and maintenance services. 

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