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Common AC Problems & Repairs 

Your air conditioner, even after working for years without issue, might one day stop generating cold air, or stop blowing any air altogether. By knowing the common issues and repairs performed on air conditioners, you can have a better idea of what might be wrong. Keep in mind that it is best to leave the diagnostics to trained HVAC technicians. Call a professional who knows these common issues, repairs them on a daily basis, and can preserve your air conditioner’s warranty.

Some common problems and repairs performed on air conditioners include:

  • Wiring Problems – Faulty wiring or haphazardly installed wiring is not only a fire hazard, but might create a short circuit in your unit. Also, bad wiring can force the air conditioner to trip the circuit breaker.
  • Low Refrigerant – If you do not have cool air coming from your unit, you may have low refrigerant levels. Reduced refrigerant often comes from a pinhole size leak.
  • Outdoor Fan Repairs – The outside fan of your air conditioner brings the air from outside, indoors. If that fan is not operating correctly, your air conditioner’s compressor might not function as it should.
  • Thermostat – Thermostats send the connection to your AC unit. Therefore, faulty wiring, a tripped breaker, or broken thermostat might cause your air conditioner to no longer turn on or off.
  • Frozen Coils – Frozen coils happen when airflow is restricted. Sometimes this is due to a dirty unit, while other times it is due to a fan or refrigerant issues.

To learn more about the common problems with air conditioners or to schedule a repair appointment, contact Comfort Solutions HVAC in Easton, PA. We can diagnose and prepare your air conditioner for summer today. Request a free estimate for all your HVAC system services or call 610-438-9300 to schedule a service appointment.

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