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Breathe Right, Sleep Easy – Don’t Let Your HVAC Unit Affect Your Health

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Your HVAC unit is responsible for proper air ventilation, circulation, and temperature regulation in your home. A neglected HVAC unit will simply cycle and recycle unclean air and can pose significant risks to your health if not maintained. Over time, it’s normal for dust, debris and dander to accumulate in your vents. However, depending on your home environment, certain conditions or factors may contaminate your ventilation system. For this reason, it’s important to monitor your health to ensure that the air quality in your home isn’t causing you harm. Air pollutants are for the most part unseen, so if you are experiencing any signs of poor air quality, it’s best to call an expert.

The Negative Effects of Poor Air Quality and Ventilation On Your Health

While effects may vary from case to case, poor air quality exposure can contribute to health risks and worsen pre-existing conditions. The potential adverse health effects include:

  • Respiratory issues – If your HVAC unit has not been cleaned recently, there may be contaminants lingering in your ventilation system. This can cause difficulty breathing, sneezing, a runny nose, or congestion. It can even cause headaches or migraines. If you have elderly family members or children in your home, it is especially important to protect them from these ailments as the effects can be more challenging to overcome.
  • Allergy issues – Poor air quality may trigger symptoms in individuals with pre-existing allergy conditions such as asthma or cause new allergies to arise. Excessive dust build up or other allergens can pose potential risks to those who suffer with allergies. Pet owners especially should be aware that your vents may be circulating pet dander and hair. 
  • Skin issues – Poor air quality can be drying to your skin and may also cause irritation. Long term exposure can also lead to hives, eczema, rashes, or other skin related afflictions.

When to Call An Expert to Inspect Your HVAC System

Since we tend to spend more time indoors during the colder months, your ducts are intaking more air pollutants than ever. You should never ignore the signs of poor air quality and should call an expert for a consultation if you suspect substantial build-up of dust and allergens. Whether you are scheduling a tune up or a duct cleaning, an HVAC professional has the necessary equipment and experience to successfully treat the problem and help you maintain better air quality in your home.

Simple Ways to Avoid Duct Contamination

While you cannot fully avoid contamination within your ventilation ducts, there are ways to slow down the process. Your home environment will lead to duct contamination eventually, however, performing simple maintenance tasks can prevent serious contamination from occurring. Using high efficiency air filters and changing them often can make a significant impact on your home’s air quality. Vacuuming regularly can also mitigate vent blockage. If you are getting a furnace tune up performed by an HVAC professional, ensure that they are cleaning all components.

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