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Avoid Over-Running Your AC with these Home Cooling Ideas

Tips from the Professionals at Comfort Solutions HVAC

The summer season brings many good things with it, but extreme heat is typically not one of them. For many homeowners, relying on an air conditioning unit may not be an available or affordable solution. If you don’t have air conditioning or just don’t want it running all day, the experts at Comfort Solutions HVAC have some home cooling tips to help you. These alternative cooling strategies will not only reduce your energy bills, but they will also help you feel more comfortable in your home all summer long.

5 Home Cooling Tips  

In the peak of summer, it may be tempting to crank up your AC, but this is not the only trick to keep your house cool. Read on to learn more sustainable ways you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your home without racking up your electricity bill each month. 

  • Close Your Blinds: Exposed windows are a big source of unwanted heat brought into the home. By closing your curtains, you can significantly lower the indoor temperature by several degrees since they essentially prevent the interior of your home from feeling like a greenhouse. 
  • Unplug: Everything that is plugged into a wall socket produces heat. Make sure all appliances and electronics are unplugged when they are not in use, to limit the amount of energy drained and heat produced. Additionally, keep lights turned off as much as possible and rely on natural light instead. 
  • Do Chores at Night: Run your dishwasher and do your laundry in the evening to avoid introducing excess heat into your home during the hottest time of the day. Additionally, try and pre-plan your meals to avoid using your oven during this time as well. If you can’t avoid cooking during the day but have a grill, take your meal prep outside. 
  • Use Your Ceiling Fan: There is a right way and wrong way to use your ceiling fan. During the summer, your fan should be turning counter-clockwise which will force air down and make you feel much cooler. 
  • Invest in Insulation: Nowadays, there are more energy efficient options when it comes to your windows, doors, and insulation. Improved insulation and a better seal around your home will help keep your home cooler during the summer and warmer in the winter while using less energy to do so. 

If all else fails, it may be time for you to consider investing in an air conditioner for your home. If you are purchasing a new system or replacing your existing unit, Comfort Solutions HVAC has the perfect solution for you. We offer many services including AC installation, maintenance and repairs for homeowners in PA and NJ, in addition to 24/7 emergency services to ensure your safety and comfort in the heat of the summer. We offer only the highest quality air conditioning systems that run more efficiently, helping you to save on energy. Our technicians are also equipped to perform seasonal and preventative HVAC maintenance to help you avoid costly breakdowns on those hot summer days.  

Get in touch with the skilled professionals at Comfort Solutions HVAC. We can help you maximize the efficiency of your AC unit so you can stay safe and cool all summer long. Call 610-438-9300 or contact us online.

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