Why HVAC Repairs & Services Cost What They Do

From Your HVAC Team In Easton, PA One of our most common questions from customers is “Why does it cost $X?” Many customers see their invoice showing the part that was replaced and it’s cost and then try to find out how much the part would cost if it were purchased separately. Once they see the part online for less than what they were charged, they feel like they were ripped off or cheated. 

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Weatherization for Your Energy Efficient Home

Useful Tips from your HVAC Specialists in Easton PA  Keeping your home at the right temperature throughout the year is not just about switching between your furnace and air conditioner, or changing settings on your thermostat. In fact, relying entirely on your HVAC system could spike your utility bills. However, with careful planning and proper weatherization, you can limit your home’s energy consumption and maintain the desired in-home temperatures, without compromising on comfort. 

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80% Vs 95%: What Do Furnace Efficiency Ratings Mean?

Your Easton, PA HVAC Team Explains the Difference If you are looking to install, or replace an existing HVAC system, you want to do some basic research, and understand the variants you can choose from. As any furnace expert will tell you, one of the key criteria in furnace selection is the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). Most furnaces feature an AFUE of 80% or 95%, and as is obvious, higher the number, greater the efficiency. Although opting for a high-efficiency system may be tempting, it may not necessarily be the best choice to meet your heating goals. 

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Is a New HVAC System In the Cards for You This Year

This Holiday Season, Give Your Family a Gift that Keeps on Giving  The holiday season is almost upon us, and every online and offline store displays large, bold banners, enticing you with attractive deals and bargains. You may be already scouring the malls to find the right gifts for each member of the family. As you work your way to tick off all the items on your annual gift shopping list, why not consider a unique alternative, in the form of climate comfort? Imagine how your entire family can benefit from a new HVAC system that will keep your home cool in summers, and toasty in the winters. While you may not be able to fit it under your Christmas tree, it is truly a gift[...]

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This Winter Keep the Chills Out

Your HVAC Team in Easton, PA has Tips for Home Comfort in Winter Whether it is a brand new home, or a century-old mansion, any house can face the problem of air leakage. Any construction gaps with unsealed openings to the outside could bring in those cold chills in your warm and toasty home. When left unattended, drafty windows and doors can drop the internal temperatures by several degrees, which means your furnace is working overtime to maintain your desired set temperatures. Moreover, as per the U.S. Department of Energy, you can potentially save 10% to 20% on energy bills by reducing the air drafts in your home. 

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