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Should You Add Air Conditioning to Your Older Home?

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The process might sound complicated and intimidating, but the rewards of adding air conditioning to an older home often outweigh them all.

Some key benefits of adding a new air conditioner include:

  • Value: You raise your home’s market value considerably when you install central air. Central air is a highly sought after amenity in a home, and homeowners looking to buy, will pay more for central air than homes with swamp coolers or no air conditioner.
  • Comfort: No more struggling with hot summer days and a stuffy house. With central air, you keep your home cool and comfortable regardless of the conditions outside.
  • Energy Savings: Instead of running countless fans or window units throughout your home, you can boost your home’s energy efficiency with central air. Furthermore, when your ductwork is sealed, your furnace becomes more efficient; thus, saving you money in the winter too.

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