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5 Ways to Beautify Your Outdoor HVAC Equipment

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Ideas from Your Home Comfort Team in Easton, PA 

Your exterior HVAC equipment can be quite unattractive, especially if it is close to the front of your property. You know that curb appeal is valuable – whether selling your home or just looking to improve your exterior’s appearance. 

Whether it is the shining metal of your outdoor condenser unit or the sight of an air conditioner sitting on the side of your yard, you do have options for covering it up and making it less cumbersome on your home’s appearance. Luckily, most of these you can do on your own in a single weekend – without spending too much in the process.

5 Creative Ideas for Covering Up Your Home’s HVAC Equipment Outside

No matter what type of HVAC equipment you have outside, or where it is located, you have ways to make it less of a focal point for those looking around the yard. Some ideas that you could try for camouflaging HVAC equipment on your home’s exterior include:

  1. Add a Fence around the Equipment’s Perimeter: One creative way to hide your HVAC equipment is to create a small, decorative fence around it. You could use a white picket fence or even use a lattice fence with flowers to cover its appearance. Depending on how much of your unit you can see, you can put up a single wall or create an L-shaped fence to hide it.
  2. Plant Hedges around the Unit: Another option is to plant hedges around your HVAC unit and keep them squared and just tall enough to cover it. Just make sure you prune and trim them regularly – and that you do not plant them too close to the base of your unit itself. You want debris easily removed, and a technician must be able to get in and out for maintenance.
  3. Add Potted Plants: If you do not have space or the desire to create hedges in your landscape, you can decorate around the HVAC equipment with tall potted plants. You can even decorate those plants for the season. For example, you have topiaries in front of it, and you can decorate them with lights for part of your holiday décor.
  4. Build a Decorative Wall: Another option is to create a paver wall around the equipment. Not only does it save you the hassle and maintenance of a hedge, but you can create something more fortified than a fence too. Just make sure you have a wall stable enough that it will not fall onto the HVAC equipment in a windstorm.
  5. Get Creative with Woodworking: A fun option is to create a wooden enclosure that is decorative, rather than a simple fence. For example, you could make a wooden enclosure that resembles a large birdhouse and paint it to match your home’s exterior décor. You could even make one that resembles a dog house, but make sure it is not fully enclosed so that your unit is not cut off from outside air.

Keep Your HVAC Equipment Looking Great with Regular Maintenance

While covering or hiding your unit is a great way to improve curb appeal, you still want your equipment to work as great as it looks. The team at Comfort Solutions HVAC can help you maintain your air conditioning and furnace equipment year-round so that your home stays at optimal temperatures and you maximize your energy savings. 

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