The Benefits of a Multiple Zoned HVAC System

Is It Possible to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient? You want to maximize your home’s comfort level; therefore, you are considering a multiple zoned HVAC system. With one of these, you can control the temperature over every area of your home, including across multiple levels. Zones can be upstairs and downstairs, by room, or even sides of the house. You can choose the zone setup, and reap the benefits of maximizing your heating and cooling efficiency.

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What Type of Thermostat is Best for You?

Exploring Different Types of Thermostats for Your Home You might not think much about the box affixed to your wall other than the up and down buttons when you adjust inside temperatures. However, the thermostat is a critical comfort tool for your home. Whether you are upgrading to a new unit and want to upgrade your thermostat equally, or your current one is malfunctioning, you must consider your options carefully before making the change.

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4 Ways to Ensure You Select an Energy-Efficient Unit

It is time to replace your current air conditioner unit, but the number of choices available make the decision a difficult and confusing one. While deciding your budget is necessary, picking a unit with the right SEER will ensure your unit saves you money in the long run. Furthermore, the right unit could eventually pay for itself, especially if you are upgrading from a low SEER to a high SEER value. Picking the right SEER is a question many customers struggle with when it comes time for a new unit. While the minimum is 13 SEER, going with the minimum means that you will receive an affordable unit, but still spend significant amounts in annual costs. Before you choose your new AC and dive in with the[...]

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What is a SEER Rating?

The Truth About SEER Ratings When you start shopping for a new air conditioner, you will see many terms. One number that might stick out is that of the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Before you can determine what a good SEER rating is, you must first understand what it means for your home and overall energy  efficiency. SEER is a rating that determines the ratio of the cooling output of your air conditioner over the season. That number is then divided by the energy it consumes in watts per hour. A new air conditioner typically features a SEER of 13 to 14, with some units going as high as 21 to 25.

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