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Comfort Solutions HVAC is a full service heating and air conditioning company serving Eastern PA and part of NJ.

3 Ways to Find the Right HVAC Contractor

Tips to Recognize the Best HVAC Service Providers in Easton, PA  Most people groan when they find out they need home repairs. Whether it’s a minor rattling noise with the furnace or a major plumbing problem, nobody likes having to make that service call. Inconvenient scheduling times, uncertain service windows, the threat of a huge quote, and strangers in your living space can make it difficult. What if you found an HVAC contractor who was different? They may not be able to get you excited about the prospect of furnace repairs or an AC tune up – malfunctioning climate control will still be inconvenient – but what if they didn’t make you groan? It is possible if you find the right HVAC contractor. You want to work with[...]

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whole house humidifier installation easton pa

How to Combat the Effects of Dry Air

Stay Healthy and Comfortable with Tips from Air Quality Experts in Easton, PA  Besides the ice and snow, dry hands, lips, and eyes are another common sign that winter is here. Dry winter winds and heated interior spaces can wreak havoc on your skin and body, and also make you more vulnerable to catching the common cold virus. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ease the effects. Follow these tips to make winter feel more like a wonderland, and less like a dry and uncomfortable part of the year: Stay Hydrated – It can be tough to drink the recommended amount of water when it’s cold outside. You may not feel as thirsty, but your body still needs water to properly function and remain hydrated. Try[...]

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Furnace Repair Specialists PA

Signs and Symptoms of an Unhealthy Furnace

Learn to Identify When You Are In Need of a Furnace Replacement Strange odors, loud noises, and vibrations in the home can be jarring and easy to spot when something changes. Small adjustments over time, especially those that impact our own behavior, can be a lot more difficult to identify. Sometimes your furnace is damaged or dying, and the signs of trouble are not always evident right away or in signs coming from the unit. Be aware of the following; They may be signs of an unhealthy furnace: Time with the Thermostat – If your old routine of adjusting the thermostat before bedtime has become a constant revisiting battle to make different rooms or areas comfortable, it could mean that your furnace is in bad shape. Schedule an inspection[...]

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Gas Furnace Maintenance

3 Reasons to Maintain Your Furnace

It is easy to see how so many homeowners fall into a false sense of security and opt to skip out on their regular furnace maintenance. Your home is warm, you feel comfortable, and so you naturally conclude that everything is working fine, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case and annual furnace maintenance is the only way to identify subtle issues, small inefficiencies, and other problems before they cause damage or break your furnace. Here are 3 reasons that furnace maintenance by reliable HVAC professionals in Easton PA is a mandatory, not optional, part of owning a furnace and heating your home: Warranty – It can be tempting to rely on your manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind and assurance that any repairs will be[...]

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Keeping Your Family Warm This Winter

With the cold weather season right around the corner we thought we would give you  a few tips to insure your heating system is ready to keep you and your family warm. Replace your filter. Change your thermostat settings from cool to heat. Take out window screens and installs storm windows. By installing storm windows you will be able to decrease the amount of heat leaking through your windows and into the outdoors. Inspect your chimney if you have one. You should be checking for any obstructions, such as bird nests or debris. Furthermore, you should also make sure there is no significant soot buildup, as it can be a dangerous fire hazard. If your chimney hasn’t been inspected in a long time, call a professional to check it. Make sure[...]

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