3 Quick and Easy End-of-Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips

Give Your Furnace A Relaxing Summer  As the temperatures in the area start to climb, your home’s dependency on the furnace drops. Even if you do not plan to use your heating system for a few months, there are essential end-of-season maintenance tips that can give your furnace a peaceful, relaxing summer’s rest. This way you can ensure it is ready to kick back on come next winter. These three items are quick, easy, and relatively affordable to do. In fact, some are as easy as a quick inspection or flip of the switch.

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How Can I Improve the Air Quality in My Home?

Air Quality Filters & Solutions in PA  Air quality is not always the first thing you notice when you walk into a person’s home. Their taste in art, greetings from the family dog, or smell of cooking may steal your attention. Over time, however, the effects of air quality can be dramatic. Allergies, skin conditions, respiratory issues, and dryness can all develop as a result of poor air quality and circulation of dust, debris and bacteria. If you have never had the air quality of your living space tested, now is a good time to have it checked. Once you have an idea of the air quality, take measures to improve it within your home: Clean – Your floors, furniture, and curtains can hold onto dust, debris, and other[...]

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3 Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Taking Advantage of New Technology The thermostat plays a huge role in the efficiency and control you have over your entire HVAC system. If you find yourself making frequent trips to the panel on the wall, it may be time to invest in a new thermostat. Things have changed a lot in the past few years and advances in technology make these devices smarter, more adaptable, and easier to manage than ever before. Not sure what the fuss is about? Read the 3 advantages of a smart thermostat below and contact an experienced HVAC contractor in Easton, PA to find out how your particular home and HVAC system could be enhanced with this technology. Consider these important reasons to update your climate control system: Automation – If maintenance and[...]

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3 Ways to Find the Right HVAC Contractor

Tips to Recognize the Best HVAC Service Providers in Easton, PA  Most people groan when they find out they need home repairs. Whether it’s a minor rattling noise with the furnace or a major plumbing problem, nobody likes having to make that service call. Inconvenient scheduling times, uncertain service windows, the threat of a huge quote, and strangers in your living space can make it difficult. What if you found an HVAC contractor who was different? They may not be able to get you excited about the prospect of furnace repairs or an AC tune up – malfunctioning climate control will still be inconvenient – but what if they didn’t make you groan? It is possible if you find the right HVAC contractor. You want to work with[...]

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whole house humidifier installation easton pa

How to Combat the Effects of Dry Air

Stay Healthy and Comfortable with Tips from Air Quality Experts in Easton, PA  Besides the ice and snow, dry hands, lips, and eyes are another common sign that winter is here. Dry winter winds and heated interior spaces can wreak havoc on your skin and body, and also make you more vulnerable to catching the common cold virus. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ease the effects. Follow these tips to make winter feel more like a wonderland, and less like a dry and uncomfortable part of the year: Stay Hydrated – It can be tough to drink the recommended amount of water when it’s cold outside. You may not feel as thirsty, but your body still needs water to properly function and remain hydrated. Try[...]

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