Freon vs’ Puron

Which System is Better for Your Home? Freon, a chemical refrigerant, has been used in refrigerators and air conditioners for decades. However, the U.S. banned the use of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), forcing manufacturers to stop using Freon. In the Clean Air Act (CAA) of 1990, no newer models of air conditioners could use Freon after 2010 and production ceases by 2020. Puron is the new refrigerant of choice, and the CAA of 1990 does not ban it.

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Why is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

You have done your annual maintenance, and you replace your air conditioner’s filter regularly. In the middle of summer when you need your air conditioner the most, it decides to blow nothing but warm air. Hot air coming from the vents is a common complaint received by our HVAC specialists. Luckily, the fix is relatively simple for our team, because we have the tools, training and experience.

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Common AC Problems & Repairs 

Your air conditioner, even after working for years without issue, might one day stop generating cold air, or stop blowing any air altogether. By knowing the common issues and repairs performed on air conditioners, you can have a better idea of what might be wrong. Keep in mind that it is best to leave the diagnostics to trained HVAC technicians. Call a professional who knows these common issues, repairs them on a daily basis, and can preserve your air conditioner’s warranty.

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Start Your Season Right with AC Prep

3 Quick Tips to Prep Your AC for Spring and Summer Spring is here, and while you are focused on getting outdoors and taking advantage of the great weather, you need to put some of that focus on your home comfort. Your HVAC system is likely to be working at maximum capacity shortly; particularly as those summer temperatures continue to climb. If you want to ensure that your air conditioner is in optimum shape and ready to tackle your home comfort needs through spring and summer, follow these simple tips for preparation.

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What to Look for When Purchasing a New Air Conditioner

4 Tips from Your Local Air Conditioner Pros Upgrading to a new air conditioner is a major investment for your home, but also an exciting one. When you upgrade, you could improve energy-efficiency and increase the comfort of your home during the spring and summer. Your air conditioner will last your home 10 to 15 years; therefore, you want to take your time picking out the right model, brand, size and type of unit.

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